Functional, Integrated, NextCure Discovery in Immuno Oncology (FIND-IOTM) Technology

NextCure is addressing the major challenges in supplying next generation, novel targets to address limited treatment options for patients that do not respond to standard treatments or existing immune therapies. NextCure is utilizing FIND-IOTM technology to “functionally” identify targets that can impact immune responses.

FIND-IOTM technology is focused on identifying novel cell surface molecular interactions that drive functional immune responses in the tumor microenvironment and other disease sites. We have developed proprietary approaches to functionally assess immune pathways in primary immune cells from healthy donors and patients with various diseases and established cell lines from immune and non-immune cell lineages including T cell subsets, monocytes, macrophage subpopulations and cancer cell lines.
With our current focus in immuno oncology, we have identified several positive and negative immune regulators of myeloid cells and T cells. From these discoveries, we are developing therapeutics that can intervene to modulate interactions of immune cells within the tumor microenvironment to restore anti-tumor activity.

NextCure is leveraging and applying its current FIND-IOTM technology to functional screening approaches for the identification of novel targets from multiple therapeutic areas, including autoimmunity and neurology, enabling next generation immunotherapeutics to fields beyond oncology with significant unmet medical needs to sustain the growth of the company.