NC318 NC410

NC318 is a first-in-class immunotherapeutic against a novel immunomodulatory target found on a restricted set of myeloid and tumor cells. Preclinical research shows that this target promotes suppressive myeloid cells and negatively regulates T cell function. NC318 targets the immunomodulatory pathway to prevent the formation and survival of suppressive myeloid cells, subsequently promoting T cell function and anti-tumor immunity. NC318 has the potential to treat multiple cancer indications owing to its unique ability to modulate immune responses in the tumor microenvironment of multiple cancer types. NextCure is moving NC318 forward initially for the treatment of solid cancers with the plan of filing an IND in late 2018.

NC410 is a novel immunotherapeutic designed to block an immune regulator expressed on T cells and suppressive antigen-presenting cell populations, including dendritic cell subpopulations.  Scientific evidence shows that NC410 modulates T cell proliferation and differentiation of immune cell subpopulations, and plays a key role in mediating immune regulation.  NextCure’s translational work demonstrates that NC410 blocks the interaction of the target with its ligand, preventing inhibitory signaling in T cells and antigen-presenting cells, resulting in immune activation both in vitro and in animal tumor models. NC410 is potentially a unique product candidate that can treat both solid and blood-related tumor indications.